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Resistance Loading & Cadence Building and The 5-Step Sprint workshops are aimed at certified Spinning® Instructors to help further their knowledge on the different energy zones, coaching techniques and developing unique profiles. Heart Rate Training is aimed at anyone who is looking to improve their performance, not specifically Spinning® Instructors.


09:00 – 11:00am USD 70 / EGP 560 [3 SPIN CECs]


Loading and unloading resistance and cadence are great ways to liven classes while providing a challenging, engaging workout that will help riders to increase strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness. Learn how to develop profiles that will keep riders focused and excited by using different resistance loading and cadence building techniques

09:00 – 11:00am USD 70 / EGP 560 [3 SPIN CECs]


An authentic cycling skill, sprinting challenges the body’s ability to attain and recover from high levels of power output. Learn the step-by-step techniques for preparing, cueing and executing flat road Sprints and Sprints on a Hill safely and efficiently


1:00pm – 5:00pm USD 120 / EGP 960 [6 SPIN CECs]


This workshop is a practical and theory based interactive workshop aimed at anyone who wishes to improve their performance. Heart rate monitors provide excellent feedback, however, they are not the prescription to exercise, but the response to the stimulus. Fine you’re your training by learning how to read your body. All students must come with a heart rate monitor for this workshop.


THE Cairo Spinning® Marathon (6 Hours)

Starting early afternoon and riding into the sunset under the beautiful Egyptian sky, this 6-hour marathon will be held on the terrace of the Egyptian Rowing Club. This is your opportunity to ride with international presenters from UAE, The Netherlands, Poland Egypt and Kuwait.

  • 1:00 pm MI Rose O’Donovan, UAE – Endurance / Interval Aerobic-Anaerobic EZ™
  • 2:00 pm MI Andre Struik, The Netherlands – Strength EZ™
  • 3:00 pm SI Nirvana Zaher, Egypt – Interval Aerobic/Anaerobic EZ™
  • 4:00 pm MI Jarek Witek, Poland – Strength EZ™
  • 5:00 pm MI Gina Grant, Egypt/Kuwait – Crisscross
  • 6:00 pm Team Ride – Race Day EZ™

Our Team

  • Rose O’Donovan

    is the Training Coordinator and Master Instructor for the Spinning® Program for the UAE and delivers classes, special rides and education for a number of associations, fitness enthusiasts and competitive athletes. A native of Ireland, Rose will be hosting the first International Spinning® Marathon in Dubai early 2016.

    Rose will be kicking off hour 1 of the 6-hour RIDEgypt Marathon with an Endurance / Interval Aerobic - Anaerobic Energy Zone™ ride. Time to start your ride!

  • Andre Struik

    is the Spinning® Education and Events Coordinator for Mad Dogg Athletics Europe in The Netherlands. He will also be presenting this year at the Spinning® Experience in Schiedam on October 25, so you have double the opportunity to see Andre in action in October!

    Andre will be presenting hour 2 of the 6-hour RIDEgypt Marathon with a Strength Energy Zone™ ride. Get ready for some tough love!

  • Nirvana Zaher

    is the founder of The Fitness Playground® and FITCAMP® as well as the organiser of the International El Gouna Spinning® Marathon, which she launched in 2014.

    Nirvana will be presenting hour 3 of the 6-hour RIDEgypt Marathon with an Interval Aerobic/Anaerobic Energy Zone™ ride. Those peaks and valleys are going to keep you wanting more!

  • Jarek Witek

    is one of the founders and the main organizer of The Underground Energy Zone in Poland, held every January. A truly unique Spinning® Event that must be experienced.

    Jarek will be presenting hour 4 of the 6-hour RIDEgypt Marathon with a Strength Energy Zone™ ride. Hold on to your hats, as Jarek is full of surprises!

  • Gina Grant

    is the Training Coordinator for Mad Dogg Athletics, Egypt and Kuwait. She is launching RIDEgypt: THE Cairo Spinning® Marathon this year and is so excited to have such a superb team from the Middle East and Europe to help put Egypt on the map both locally and globally. Gina will also be presenting this year at the Spinning® Experience in Schiedam with Andre on October 25.

    Gina will be presenting hour 5 of the 6-hour RIDEgypt Marathon with a CrissCross Journey. A ride that will touch your heart, both physically and emotionally.

THE TEAM will be presenting hour 6 of the 6-hour RIDEgypt Marathon with a Race Day Energy Zone™ ride. Rose, Andre, Nirvana, Jarek and Gina need your total focus, undeniable dedication and absolute passion in this final hour of the best 6-hours in 2015!

Event Application

Event Details

You will find all the details in our application (Program , payment ...etc.) , please fill in your personal data. Please print the form below in full and take with you for payment to secure your place.

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Marathon Fees

Early Bird (before September 1)

Persons per BikeDurationPrice
1per Bike6hrs$105 / EGP850
2per Bike6 hrs$145 / EGP1150
3per Bike6 hrs$175 / EGP1400

Regular Fees (After September 1)

Persons per BikeDurationPrice
1per Bike6 hrs$130 / EGP1050
2per Bike6 hrs$180 / EGP1450
3per Bike6 hrs$220 / EGP 1750